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Date of Investment February 2008. EIT acquired a 21% stake with GO plc via Forgendo Ltd. Since April 2010, this stake is now 40.71%
Markets of operations Greece & Cyprus
HQ contact details
Principle activity Forthnet is a leading broadband operator in Greece providing broadband internet services, fixed telephony, data and other related value added services to residential and business customers. It does so primarily via its own dedicated infrastructure that is currently rolling out across the country.

The company was the first to introduce Internet to Greece and in June 2003, it launched its DSL services. Today it runs a network of 110 special broadband stores that bear the Forthnet brand. It is also active in coastal shipping, via a subsidiary company, developing on-line reservation and ticketing services.

Forthnet was founded in October 1995 by FORTH (the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, a scientific research foundation based in Heraklion, Crete) and Minoan Lines S.A. The Company is headquartered in Athens, and was listed on the main market of the Athens Stock Exchange in the year 2000.

In August 2008, EIT and GO increased their stake in Greece's leading alternative broadband operator Forthnet to 35%, allowing the latter to purchase Nova, which delivers its TV services via satellite. The investment created the first converged Pay TV and broadband player in Greece.

NetMed's status as an attractive investment opportunity is boosted by the fact that it has over 330,000 subscribers in Greece, where it has nearly a 100% Pay-TV market share, and in Cyprus, where it has nearly 13,000 subscribers. It offers a premium content portfolio that includes exclusive sports, movies and thematic packages of channels.
Shareholders Forgendo Ltd (EIT and GO) 40.71%
Cyrte Investments GP1 BV 25.14%
F.O.R.T.H 4.20%
Other shareholders 29.95%