Operating Companies

Tunisie Telecom is the main telecom operator in Tunisia and has a customer base of more than 1,395,000 fixed line subscribers and 4.46 million mobile phone subscribers as of September 2009.

As a result of Tunisie Telecom's restructuring in early 2001 and the introduction of new services and offerings, the company achieved an accumulative average growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 20% between 2001 and 2006 with TD1.1 billion ($908 million) as total revenue and around TD300 million ($247 million) of net profit with EBITAD of nearly 60%.

In order to face the aggressive competition of the second mobile operator (Tunisiana) after 2002, the company launched an ambitious plan to upgrade its technical and engineering capabilities, human resources and service offerings to be able to compete in the market. In 2004, Tunisie Telecom installed and operated North Africa's largest SMS system with a minimum of 300,000 SMS messages per hour.

In 2006, the operator started country-wide trials on the deployment of a 3.5G network along with WiMAX early trials, which improved the company's competitive edge over Tunisiana.

Emirates International Telecommunications, operating as TECOM Investments, stepped-in in July 2006 buying a 35% stake of Tunisie Telecom. Since then, Tunisie Telecom started the biggest transformation program in its history. Tackling 13 areas of development, the program aimed to improve the areas of mobile & fixed telephony, internet & broadband, IT, finance, human resources and corporate communications.

With the company's focus on turning into a client-centric organization, the program is also targeting to activate the role of the regional offices, enhancing their role in the new organizational structure to meet the future challenges facing the company.

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