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Vision and Mission

EIT's Vision and Mission

EIT's mission is to create, combine and deploy investment and operational capabilities within the communications sector to create unprecedented opportunities and realize superior results.

EIT's Core Values

1. Meritocracy

  • EIT values demonstrable contributions to the implementation of EIT's mission, strategy and business objectives
  • EIT recognizes employees and business partners on the basis of such contributions

2. Team work

  • EIT fosters a culture of open communication, active discussion and consultative decision making
  • EIT encourages extensive involvement of employees across functional areas and values a range of opinions
  • EIT is respectful of its employees, employees of its operating companies and all other stakeholders

3. Leadership

  • EIT values visionary leadership at all levels and considers collaborative leadership as essential in its drive for long-term business success
  • EIT is committed to continuous improvements and encourages challenges to existing business models and ways of doing things

4. Integrity

  • EIT is committed to truthfulness, transparency and ethical behavior in all aspects of its business
  • EIT aims to build lasting relationships with business partners based on fairness and honesty