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Unlimited Growth Opportunities

EIT is a telecommunications investment company with great ambitions. Our growth strategy is to enter new markets where we can achieve superior growth and returns through smart strategic investment decisions, excellent capability deployment and active management.

With us you can learn, grow and make your personal mark. Our global presence, technical expertise, and financial strength make EIT a dynamic place to work, combining the advantages of a financially stable company, with the agility of a lean structure.

The diversity of our portfolio gives us the flexibility for change and the opportunity to learn about new markets, providing unparalleled career options.

Our People

Great companies start with great leadership. Our leadership has provided vision and direction that built this great company.

EIT recruits and nurtures our present and future generations of leaders with the extraordinary combination of attributes such as vision, passion, sensitivity and a readiness to challenge and stretch the world around them.

We believe we can accomplish extraordinary success when we bring together people who are driven to make a difference.

Our people are some of the best in the world. We recruit people from all walks of life, all cultures and of all different ways of thinking; people who have the shared desire to learn and stretch beyond their limits. This is what makes EIT an exciting place to work.

EIT's Core Competencies

1. Leadership

  • Provide vision, direction, energy, insight and synergy.
    Influence, motivate and support team members to enhance business outcomes, translate objectives into actions and create value.
  • Leverage change as an opportunity for growth and improvement, inspire others to embrace change and find ways to overcome obstacles.

2. Team work

  • Foster a culture of trust, collaboration and support.
    Work collaboratively both within one's own function and across functions to achieve EIT goals.
  • Present a common EIT front and support colleagues in achieving goals.
  • Share knowledge, resources and information.

3. Flexibility

  • Be mentally and physically flexible, adaptable and resilient.
    Respond quickly and positively to changing directions and new challenges.
  • Be sensitive and respectful of cultural differences and boundaries.

4. Self-motivation

  • Set goals, overcome obstacles, produce timely results independently.
  • Act with drive, assertiveness and self-motivation.
    Stay energized, motivated and focused regardless of disappointment or failure.
  • Drive self and encourage others to look beyond boundaries for new insights and opportunities for success.

Learning Organization


At EIT, learning is more than the classic classroom activity. It's about how we come together to embrace change, and to learn and develop new skills for the better. And of course as a learning organization our employees are encouraged to take active ownership of their own learning and development.

We take pride in our people and we consider our talents to be our most valued competitive advantage. We are very committed to invest in the continuous learning and development of our employees, and our learning and development team is there to provide all the support and facilitate this learning.


Rewards and Benefits

Our ambition is to make working for EIT a rewarding experience in all its aspects, starting from the work environment, job responsibilities, active participation, learning and development, career opportunities, to compensation and benefits.

In line with our core value of meritocracy we do recognize and reward people for their value-added contribution, outstanding work and commitment.

Whether you are considering a career move or looking for your first job, we understand that you will weigh the rewards and benefits a company has to offer. At EIT we are committed to being a global employer of choice, offering competitive salary, incentives and benefits package to all our employees.

Integrity & Citizenship

There is nothing more important to us than our commitment to integrity and ethics.

Our emphasis on integrity and ethics drives our businesses. Our code of conduct, policies and practices and our rigorous corporate governance ensure that we hold to our ethical values.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe a company can only do well only when it can do good. This belief drives EIT's commitment to its corporate social responsibility towards its employees, the community and the environment.

We are committed to act and behave in a socially-responsible manner through all our initiatives and programs worldwide, in whatever we do and wherever we are.

EIT believes in the importance of protecting the environment, and seeking alternative energy sources. We are also actively committed to protect the health and safety of our employees and the wider community at all times.

Culture & Work Environment

EIT is a vibrant and exciting place to work. EIT fosters a high-performance culture that emphasizes on quality, excellence, team work, integrity as well as work/life balance.

Today, our culture is the unifying force behind our success and growth around the world, beyond geographic and cultural boundaries.

We are proud to be a place where people work together to create and bring to life great ideas. We nurture a culture of diversity, trust, friendship, teamwork, dedication and commitment. It's all about inclusiveness and teamwork. At EIT, we all take interest and pride in working together as a group and for the success of the group.

Currently, there are no vacancies at EIT.

About Dubai Holding.

Dubai Holding is an investment conglomerate with operations in 12 countries employing over 20,000 people. Established in 2004, Dubai Holding today manages an AED 130 billion portfolio of assets, which supports the strong development of Dubai’s non-oil economy across sectors including; tourism, hospitality, real estate, media, ICT, education, design and trade. Its portfolio includes TECOM Group, which manages 11 of Dubai’s most successful business communities; Jumeirah Group, the hospitality arm which owns and operates 22 hotel developments in 10 destinations in 9 countries; Dubai Properties Group, one of the largest fully integrated and community development business in Dubai; Arab Media Group, which implements a strategic plan to develop new family destinations and further grow digital media business lines.

Welcome to Careers at EIT!

Whatever your background and career goals, EIT is a fast growing company with great ambitions that can match your aspirations. We are continually looking for people of talent, passion and commitment to help create the future of telecommunications with EIT. We seek people who are the best in the telecommunication, investment and strategy fields.

Employment at EIT is synonymous with teamwork, growth, passion and learning combined with everyday excitement, stretch and challenge. Our employees can expect to sharpen their talents, embrace new capabilities, and embark upon new challenges every day. We give you the opportunity to manage your own learning, development and career path.

Because we recruit the very best people, we believe they deserve the very best. We are committed to be a global employer of choice, to offer a rewarding employment experience, competitive compensation, rewards and incentives, and a unique stimulating work environment.

With our growing presence in so many places around the world, EIT can be the place where you will have the career you always wanted.

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